PureFx COVID Defense

PureFX and the ClO₂ Effect
Introducing Pure Chlorine Dioxide - The newest technology in disinfection, mold control, and odor elimination. As innovators in antimicrobial solutions, PureFX brings you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitization and space deodorization. This easy to use, just-add-water patented delivery system offers a more intelligent and environmentally sophisticated method for decontamination. EPA Reg No. 74986-4 & 74986-5, FDA FCN 445 & 645

What is PureFX?
PureFX is ClO2, a chemical compound that is so powerful it can be diluted 200 times more than bleach and still kill germs, bacteria and viruses at the same rate. It is a product that is so safe that the FDA allows it to be used directly on food and is strong enough to kill Corona (Covid-19) as well as E. coli, MRSA, staph, and Listeria. PureFX offers a pure ClO2 solution that is extremely effective at very low concentrations and carries the lowest toxicity profile.